Saturday, January 8, 2011

No Food waste Saturday: AKA My Adventures With Oatmeal

So I have recently been reading posts and blogs by "the frugal girl" and have been inspired. I am determined to eliminate food waste in our home. I know you are thinking"What the heck is food waste?" and "EEEWWWW!". No, no, not THAT kind of food waste, not the crusts from 'my kid won't eat the crusts off her sandwich', kind of waste. Not the banana peel, coffee grounds, chicken bones kind of waste.
 I am referring to food that you buy with EVERY INTENTION of using to cook/bake with, to enjoy, to savor etc and it ends up sitting in the fridge or sitting on the shelf and goes bad and BAM! (to quote Emeril) it ends up in the trash as food waste.
This is food that could have been used, could have been eaten, but it fell victim to one of several common household maladies.
  • One, it could have succumb to "the back of the fridge" syndrom.
  •  Two, it could have been organic and already had a shelf life of roughly 1 day, j/k. (But seriously though, organic stuff does spoil faster).
  • Three, it could have fell victim to the dreaded 'we've already eaten that four times in the last two days I will scream if forced to eat it again' disease.
So, in an effort to eliminate food waste I dug deep and sacrificed my taste buds in an effort to use up the last of our oats before they went bad and turned into dreaded food waste.
Yes, folks. I dug deep, I told my taste buds to 'take a hike' and I experimented with a recipe I had never tried before. Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Muffins.
I found it on, and decided, what the heck!

Yes, you heard me, oatmeal in muffins! They are surprisingly good. I am sure the extra cup of chocloate chips and the melted chocolate chunks (to make them even more chocolately surely didn't hurt either). 
So far I am loving this whole no food waste thing. I wonder what you have in your cabinets that is about the go bad that you can "scarifice your taste buds" and use up?


  1. 1. Those look delicious!

    2. You've been Liebstered!

  2. Nice! I make a lot of apple crisp, chewy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with oats and chuck a couple tablespoons into bread dough so oats are never in jeopardy of spoiling in our house. What we do end up with are things I buy that we *should* eat but don't want to.. like beans. I know they're good for you, but unless they're black bean enchiladas, I'm really not a fan. Fortunately they're canned and will last practically forever so I can donate them to the food bank and not feel bad.

    Not Supermom sent me!