Saturday, January 1, 2011

My deepest darkest secret...dum, dum, dum!

Hey folks,
Do you wanna' know a secret? I love when people "spoil" movies for me. I know, I know, you hate that don't you. You hate when others "ruin" the ending of a movie or book, or explain a TV show to you, before you have watched it. But honestly folks, I like it. I like it ALOT. Why? Well I hate sitting on the edge of my seat (figuratively) just waiting. Suspense is really overwhelming to me, so I would just rather know up front what will happen, so I can actually enjoy myself. PLUS there's this pesky problem of my children. If I don't find out what will happen at the end, before I watch, then I most likely will never find out how it ends, or be confused as to how the plot got from point A to Z.
Let me give you an example. I put in Fringe disc in the DVD player. Season 2 disc 4. Super good episodes. I start the first episode on the disc, I watch the first few minutes, I hear child #1 whining. My attention is distracted. I step out the room to attend to her, come back 5 minutes later, darn I forgot to pause it and now I have to skip back to previous scene. I start watching the scene that I had the plot thickens and it is really looking like they have a conundrum on their hands. Peter, Dr. Bishop, Olivia are racing to fix/cure/understand, goody!
It is then that Child #2 awakens from his nap and make his displeasure known, AAAAAAHHHHHH, WWWWWAAAAA!. Sigh, press pause. Go to other room, pick him up, change diaper, check on Child #1, (still playing dress up, she's doing fine), bring Child #2 with me back to the tv room. Ok, back to the show.
 "Mommy! food, food food!"- okay, press pause. I make Child #1 some lunch. I sit with her, we talk about the merits of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and how they are "so tastey".  I nurse child #2. Child #1 decides she is done with lunch, and now wants to water color paint. Ok, I drag out the supplies, set her up. All the time while holding Child #2 in one arm.
Now let me tell you, if I did NOT know how the series was going in Season 5, I would be absolutely clueless as to how this particular episode is going, because now, it is more than an hour later and I have seen 15 minutess of the episode and the last thing I now remember is the opening credits!
Yes! Wiithout spoilers I would be clueless... and frustrated and never get to find out what happens at the end of anything. Really and truly, at this point. I might as well skip to the last chapter of most books too, you know, just in case I don't get to finish those either.

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